Ozawa Nordica Modernas Lámpara Colgante Madera Dormitorio/Salón

Precio de oferta€299,99 EUR

Color: Madera
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Tipo Lámpara Colgante
Estilo Ozawa
Estancia Adecuada Sugerida Dormitorio/Salón
Tamaño de la Habitación Sugerida 5㎡-10㎡
Uso Interior o Exterior Interior
Atenuable No
Color de la Luz Sin Bombillas
Inteligente No
Requiere Montaje
Protección IP IP20
Fuente de Energía Cable
Información de la Bombilla
Bombilla Incluida No
Tipo de Bombilla LED/Incandescent/Fluorescent
Base de Bombilla E27
Número de Bombilla 1
Voltaje(V) 110V-240V
Potencia Máxima (W) /
Materia Prima Madera
Material de Fijación Madera
Materia de Pantalla Madera
Peso del Producto /
Cadena/Cable Ajustable o No No
Tamaño Ver imagen
Contenido del Paquete
1* Set de Lámpara Colgante
El tamaño se mide manualmente,habrá un error de 1-3cm. Puede haber una ligera diferencia de color debido a la diferencia de luz.Agradecemos de su comprensión de antemano.Le recomendamos que mejor deje a un electricista profesional que lo instale.
  • The Ozawa Nordic Japanese Pendant Light is a masterpiece made out of fine wood, which has a distinct, natural and attractive appearance. The warmth and character of wood material makes any space more inviting, giving off a cozy ambiance that calls for relaxation and comfort. Thanks to its robust design and classic look, this pendant is a multipurpose object suitable for residential and commercial settings alike.
  • We have two finishes for you to choose from—wood and walnut— in order to match the decor styles you love. The wood color choice gives you a natural look and the organic touch that perfectly brings up the coziness in your living room or bedroom. On the contrary, walnut is a color that gives a feeling of elegance and class to your dining establishment, coffee shop, or restaurant. The warmth of wood or the rich tones of walnut, whatever your choice of color, there is a hue to match your decor style.
  • The Ozawa Nordic Japanese pendant light has an exquisite dome shape with strips around it, which gives it a playful appearance and adds interest to the room it is in. The dome shape shows sophistication and elegance while the strips have texture and interest. These shapes combined with the details showcase modern Japanese design that stands out as a special piece to put in any home or establishment.
  • Adding to its versatility, the Ozawa Nordic Japanese Pendant Light can be used in different indoor environments, including living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, cafes, and restaurants. The soft and pleasant yellow of this light bulb makes it perfect for creating the cozy and intimate atmosphere in a restaurant or cafe, while the chic design will add a touch of style to your residence, be it the bedroom or the living room.
  • The Nordic Pendant Light by Ozawa symbolizes the spirit of Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian design, which interweaves nature with modern elements. Whether the character of the space is rustic or contemporary, this pendant light brings the touch of warming and style to everything here, and elevates the overall ambiance to relax and enjoy.
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Ozawa Nordica Modernas Lámpara Colgante Madera Dormitorio/Salón

Precio de oferta€299,99 EUR
Color: Madera

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